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Sometime around the end of summer 2002 five young and totally different individuals decided to form a band. Their task was to create something that was never seen before in their local scene, to break the status quo and to enjoy life and the music that they always loved. Full-heartedly and open-mindedly they began practicing every other weekend and some months later they were invited to play a show in their local town - Varna. The feedback from that debut show was more than unexpected and the response from the people there also. Just a month later, Cabani were offered an appearance in a gig in Plovdiv (second largest city in Bulgaria), the first one out of their home place, where they captured the hearts of many. Whereas the guys formed this band only for the sake of having fun, this came more or less as a "shock" and was enough of a motivation for them to practice even more intense and to take things "seriously". Soon after, they started thinking about recording some songs for an EP. The debut EP (this one) was recorded in the late summer of 2003, almost a year after the guys formed as a group and marked the beginning of their progress. The tracks were all new and written only a couple of months before they were recorded live at the Utopia Studio in Varna. They are the product of the emotions hidden inside each and one of the band members and their differences. We as a band don't like to categorize our music, so we advice you not to try to shape us into any form since we are not going to feel comfortable in it. To describe the band (and perhaps the music itself) in few words, we should only add that Cabani is a bunch of people, who care for what they're doing, for the scene they're part of and for the message they're trying to spread. We're fully aware that there is much work to be done in order to improve on our musical skills so please take the music and words as what they are and try to enjoy our "December Reminiscence".